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Over the past ten years, AET has supported more than half a million children in primary schools across Africa

THE ISSUES:Sudanese school girl

By 2015, every child around the globe should be able to access free primary education, regardless of their nationality, religion or gender. Since the establishment of The Millennium Development Goals in 2000, the world has seen over 33 million more children enrol in primary school. However, a further 72 million children are still unable to access basic education and thus do not have the chance to learn to read, write or count.   

Through our work supporting basic primary education, AET is providing children with the foundation for their future - the chance to learn so they may develop into happy, valuable individuals.

Working from grass-root community level  to collaboration with government ministries, AET is giving tens of thousands of the world’s most disadvantaged children the opportunity to go to school.


Sudanese Primary School

•  Empowering communities to improve the standard of local education by supporting and training PTAs and School Management bodies; and by providing small grants for communities to run their own school improvement projects

•  Encouraging a more inclusive education system by supporting girls with our ‘School Mothers’ programme where local women  become role models and supportive figures for girls’ education

 • Improving school resources and teaching standards by providing practical lesson kits and training for teachers on how to use them; and by supporting the establishment of school and community libraries

Encouraging better government education provision by supporting meetings and improved communication between Ministries of Education and local communities

•  Improving levels of achievement in early years education by encouraging the use of local mother tongue in the first few years of primary school

Supporting individual primary school children through various grant and scholarship schemes covering school fees, uniforms and books