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Nomadic and pastoralist communities make up some of the world’s most marginalised people, often unable to access basic human rights such as health care and education. Communities sometimes find ‘development projects’ conflict with traditional cultural values and lifestyles. Many pastoralists do not want to give up their traditional way of life, they just want to make it better.

Working across Somaliland, Puntland and Central Southern Somalia, AET trains grass-root organisations to work with nomadic communities to help them identify their own needs. We then support the communities to devise an appropriate education structure that will work for them.


Providing a relevant, flexible and community-led approach to education and skills training for nomadic and pastoralist communities by: 

Training local community members to become teachers

Supporting community teachers to run basic education classes for children

Helping local staff to produce relevant reading material and lesson resources derived from traditional nomadic oral stories and poems

Providing vocational training supportive of their lifestyle such as livestock welfare and upkeep

Delivering relevant ‘life skills’ classes on issues through radio broadcasts and audio lessons

Carrying out research into nomadic and pastoralist needs; with especial regard to making education delivery flexible and lesson content relevant in order to support both their current lifestyles and future aspirations

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