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AET makes sure marginalised and often forgotten people are given the chance to learn, find jobs and become self sufficient

 THE ISSUES:Sewing Skills

For many people in the developing world, traditional school-based education is not always the best option. Alternative solutions are needed. For example:

- for isolated communities
- families who are too poor to send their children to school
- those who missed out on education due to conflict
- women and girls who have household responsibilities

AET provides alternative education and skills training for people who are unable to attend school. They are local led initiatives - flexible, innovative and resourceful.


Radio Literacy Class

Using new media and technology such as radio broadcasts, MP3 players, CD’s and distance learning to enable people to become literate and numerate

Using thematic approaches to literacy by selecting topics relevant to local people’s lives and needs such as: nutrition, human rights, peace building and the environment

Supporting relevant skills training through voucher schemes in order for people to ‘purchase’ the education or training of theirchoice. This has included hairdressing, driving, henna art and mechanics

Providing skills training for employment such as IT and English Language for women in South Sudan - important skills for accessing formal employment 

AET's radio literacy programmes has helped more than 100,000 people who are unable to attend school gain literacy skills