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THE ISSUES:Training and Development

If countries and communities are to develop positively and progressively, then they need educated, trained and ambitious individuals and organisations to do so.

AET seeks to develop the capacity of local people and organisations so they may lead their own development. We provide training and support for individuals, governments, local authorities and community organisations to help them respond to local educational and training needs.


QISE Training


- Training for Ministry of Education (MoE) staff to develop their capacity and skills so they in turn can improve the quality of management and teaching in schools

Secondary school teacher training in Southern Sudan

- Supporting the development of an internationally recognised examination systems in Somalia and Somaliland for primary and secondary schools and vocational level

Providing English Language and IT skills training for staff of MoE and local NGOs in South Sudan

Capacity building for community based organisations and local NGOs in Africa and for African and community refugee organisations in the UK