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What We Do

Primary Education

Ugandan school children

AET works in collaboration with local communities to establish, build and furnish classrooms and schols. We set up and aid the provision of mobile and stationary libraries. The Trust has projects that address high drop out rates and provide support for the development of community involvement via Parent Teacher Associations. Read more here.

Secondary Education

Secondary School Lab

AET plays an integral part in the support of examinations, training for teaching staff, head teachers and Ministry of Education officials, construction of classrooms and libraries, and the provision of teaching and learning materials, including ICT. A major aim is to achieve externally recognized quality education. Read more on our secondary education programmes here.

Alternative Education and Basic Skills

IDP skills training class

It is not always possible to provide education according to the usual age categories, in places where institutional structures have been disrupted or destroyed due to conflict and war. For this reason AET provides alternative education and basic skills training to children and young people who have missed out on formal education. Read more about our bespoke programmes here.

Refugees and Internally Displaced People

AET is working with refugees and displaced people to provide educational and vocational training opportunities for people and communities that have suffered displacement and instability. We have projects aimed at reducing poverty and illiteracy among women, children, young and disabled people. Read more here

Nomadic Pastoralists

Pastoralist woman

AET is working to ensure education is accessible to all, including nomadic and pastoralist communities. We work in collaboration with their community leaders and community based organisations, providing relevant and appropriate educational opportunities to both children and adults. Read more here.

Training and Development

SudanTeacher Training class

AET believes that building the capacity of local people is the key to sustained development, reducing external dependency. Our projects include training for local authorities and local community organisations and leaders, as well as teachers, to ensure educational delivery is current, relevant and sustainable. Read more here.

Research and Publications

DARET Programme Assessment

AET has collaborated with various academic and research institutions in evidence-based research into education and educational delivery, and conducted assessment and baseline studies which have informed the design and implementation of our education projects.We have published evaluation studies on topics such as the effective use of study grants for refugees in securing employment, alternative basic education in post-war African countries, as well as detailed case studies of former scholarship beneficiaries. Read more here.